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SiC heating element installed in fibreboard or fibre shell

CeraSys 1500 CS – 1500
Max.element temperature: 1500 °C
Installable power: over 30 kW/m2 at 1500 °C
System of heating: bar shaped
Fitting position: to be discussed
Heater: Silicon Carbide

CeraSys 1500


Example application for the CeraSys 1500

Tube heating elements for a test furnace, consisting of ceramic fibre at a classification temperature of 1400°C.
External dimensions: L 260 x D 180 mm, with SER Type SiC heating element: dimensions 300 x 150 x 25 mm, heated zone length 150 mm, operating temperature 1100°C.

Not seen in the picture of this product use are the ceramic floor endplates, dimensions D 180 x 20 mm, a temperature-sensing element and the secondary insulation of 100 mm thickness.

The power output is 1200 watts.

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